Project registration

Would you like to register a help project?

This page describes how an employee from a nonprofit or organization can apply for a relief project or family project.

Please distinguish between:

– Project (help station, orphanage, women’s
shelter, school, etc.) and
– family project (village or project with families)

In both cases, please first register THE project ONLY. If you want to register a project with families, we will not process the family until the project has been approved by us.

The procedure below will be from the submission of the application, the release, the publication up to the handover.

In principle, only projects that do not currently have a power supply are supported.

The area of application of donated solar kits is generally possible worldwide.

Auxiliary station





Women’s shelters

And much more..



As a charity or non-profit organisation, you know a project or a family project and would like to see one or more solar kits donated by Abiola.

Please fill in the project application from this Excel spreadsheet and send this filled Excel spreadsheet and some pictures of the project by e-mail to



    The chance of an allocation/approval for a project is then very high. We also help you choose the right solar kit. We will then try to inform you of our decision within a few days.



    Ticket entry.

    Once we have approved your application, we will enter the project into the Abiola Light Portal and send you the ticket ID by email.

    Please check with your board of directors whether the project should be realized together. Please also note that you are responsible for delivery and handover.


    Family project.

    If it is a project with families or a family project, the pictures and data for the families in front of their homes must first be taken.

    With this family recording form, the data can be collected quickly and easily.

    Tip: Print only as many pages as families are intended.

    Please also take some vivid pictures of children, animals, plants etc., which our potential donors might like.


    Enter pictures and texts of families in the LightPortal.

    Variant 1)
    Experienced AbiolaPartners can enter the data of the families themselves in the Abiola LightPortal. This is not difficult and it is not a great effort. For Abiola, there is little work. You will learn how to do it at the training “Abiola Stammtisch”. See
    You can also try it out at: Project and family registration


    Variant 2)
    You put all pictures and texts in a folder on your PC/Mac and send us everything packed by e-mail. For this purpose we use a special (free) program. It’s not complicated. We then enter the data for you in the LightPortal. Hereis the exact description for the transfer of the folders .


    Contractual requirement for a SolarKit donation from Abiola.

    In order for the requested SolarKits to be delivered by us, we need the following before handover:

    1. In the Excel table you will also find the document Project Sharing. Please fill out this form from the association/organization and send it by e-mail to

    2. If families have also been reported, we also ask you to send us the recording forms signed by the families by e-mail (privacy). These can be found in the document “Family Admission Form” (paragraph 4).



    Basically, we pass on our SolarKits from Lager Sulzberg, Germany to our partners. However, we also have a camp in Togo that we may be able to access.

    The handover of goods is later documented and reported by the AbiolaPartner. The project is published permanently in the light portal (status = passed).

    In the Excel table you will also find the document Project Transfer. Please have the document signed by the beneficiary at the time of handover and send it to us by e-mail.

    Important: We need pictures of the handover. Please take pictures with people, buildings and the solar kits handed over.




    For a donation of SolarKits, Abiola needs the following from the AbiolaPartner:

    1. Project
      -> Excel sheet, tab “Project application” filled in and 3 photos by email
    1. Family registration (if families
      are reported)
      -> Please either enter the data yourself in the LightPortal or send us the zip file of the folder structure.
      -> In addition, hand over all familyadmission forms signed by the families by e-mail.
    1. Project release (before the SolarKit handover of Abiola to AbiolaPartner)
      -> Excel-Sheet, tab “Project Release” completed and signed by email
    1. Project handover (after delivery of the SolarKits from
      AbiolaPartner to the beneficiary)
      -> Excel sheet, tab “Handover” filled in, signed and photos by Email