The Abiola Turbo Charger 60W is usually delivered with a 60W PV module. The double solar output can also be connected to the Turbo Charger. However, there are a few things that should be taken into account.

A parallel connection of solar modules can double the solar power. This can be achieved with the Abiola Y-cable. In this case, 120 W of solar power is available for the Abiola Turbo Charger.

Warning: Theoretically, you could switch more 60W modules with more Y-cables. This would have an output of 180 W with 3 modules. However, the system is not designed to do this. The controller of the Abiola Turbo Charger tolerates an input current of max. 10 A.

Therefore, do not unlock more than 2 PV modules 60W in parallel!

It is also not permissible to switch multiple Abiola Turbo Charger in parallel on the entrance side. That could lead to the destruction of the system.

In order to make optimal use of the increased performance of the Turbo Charger and at the same time to control the maximum permissible currents of the ports, Abiola GmbH offers two different measuring instruments, whose fields of application and benefits are described in the next article.


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