The idea for the Abiola LadeKit came from the findings of the Abiola Blog Article 8 on supporting students for light for learning in the evening.

With great effort, a solution was sought to provide a solar system capable of charging 50-70 power banks a day to provide a power bank for the students of the upper classes. This is how they have the option of:

  • Reading with a power bank and small reading lights
  • Charging mobile devices with a loaded power bank

The Abiola TurboCharger does this perfectly, preferably with two solar modules and a total of 120 W.

The Abiola TurboCharger is relatively expensive at 350 € and only makes sense if there is no power supply.

Experience has shown that schools without power are usually only primary schools that can be equipped with a TurboCharger. The built-in battery of the TurboCharger can be used in the evening for the use of an adult education centre, a common room or a marketplace.

However, the high school students, who Abiola wants to bring to better learning and reading opportunities through power banks and reading lights, usually learn in state schools, which also have a power supply.

This led to the idea of the Abiola Charging Kit:

A ChargingKit consists of only one power supply and a USB splitter and is able to charge 6 power banks twice a day (approx. 12 power banks per day) provided a power supply. An Abiola LadeKit costs around €20. For example, if you take 6 charging kits for a school with power supply, you can charge 72 power banks daily. With one charge overnight, you can get to about 100 charged power banks or mobile phones per day. This investment is not only much cheaper than a Turbocharger, but can be used by the school 24h/day. And you can procure additional charging and power bank kits at any time.

Communication and education:

These two goals are pursued with Abiola’s small low-cost ChargingKit. The learning possibilities are very large due to a charged power bank with read USB LEDs. With charged mobile phones, the student can look up, communicate and learn.

Concept: Powerbanks for high school students

We would like to present our idea in an example:

In a school, students go all the way to the 9th grade. There are 50 students per year. In the first year, all students from the 8. and 9th vintage an Abiola PowerbankKit. The cost is manageable with 5 ChargingKits (100 €) and 100 PowerbanksKits (300 €).

From next year, only the costs of the 50 PowerbankKits of the 8th grade, as the students from the 9th class have already received a PowerbankKit. This means that the cost of the new PowerbankKits is only around €150 each year. Students are allowed to keep their own power banks after the end of the school period (last grade).

It would be perfect to find a donor for this school, who will cover the cost of the PowerbankKits in the amount of approx. 150 € per year. So to speak, as the godfather of the school. The donor can be a company, a private person or an Abiola partner.

Of course, Abiola himself wants and can enter into such partnerships. However, we only reach many schools and many educated students through many school partnerships through supporters (donors).

Cost accounting of charging 100 power banks per day:

Presumably, the school management will be wondering what the cost of the power bank charge is. We therefore calculate this roughly at this point:

A power bank has 2,600 mAh or 2.6 Ah. According to the Ohmic Law P = U * I and a voltage of 5 V, the capacity of a power bank is 13 Wh. The charge of 100 power banks per day requires an electrical work of 1,300 Wh or 1.3 kWh. With us, a kilowatt hour costs about 30 Ct. In this case, the school would incur costs of €0.39 per day. This would be about €11.30 a month. Whether the school can cope with this would have to be examined.


In order to better understand the advantages of a PowerbankKit, we recommend that you also
Abiola Blog Post 17 (PowerbankKits) to study.


Schools. As described above, the typical application for an Abiola LadeKit is the applications in schools. Here, students are given new opportunities for education and communication.

Slum. Another valuable application can be a charging station in very poor neighbourhoods, slums or refugee camps. Here, an employee can charge many power banks every day and offer them for exchange (empty for full) for a fee. On the one hand, a professional profile is created for the loader employee. On the other hand, there is also a market for PowerbankKits, which can be bought once for little money. This can be done as a kind of deposit system.

Orphanage. In an orphanage, in addition to an Abiola Charger for Light, you can also present each child with a PowerbankKit. The USB splitter allows the orphans to charge their power banks during the day or in the evening. This also gives them much better opportunities in terms of education and communication.

If Abiola donates SolarKits for an aid project of an AbiolaPartner (association or organization), then it is the task of the AbiolaPartner to bring the goods to the target area and to install it there at the project/family.

In the West Africa area, it may be possible to take over the goods from the Abiola warehouse in Lome, Togo. However, this must then be individually coordinated.

If an AbiolaPartner itself has no financial means to pay for the transport, then we kindly ask you to present this. Perhaps we will find another option. Sometimes it is possible to send the goods with another auxiliary container cost-effectively.


Since there are no batteries included in the ChargingKit, it is possible to take them on the plane without any problems.

Ship /Container

It would be ideal to find a friendly AbiolaPartner or another aid organization that regularly sends containers to the desired country. Here you can often send your system with you for a manageable cost contribution. Otherwise, you must request a forwarding agent in order to have the goods shipped by general cargo (ship).

Here, too, shipping is trouble-free.

The donation amount for a family LadeKit is 20 €. This donation amount is mentioned or calculated for each family in the Abiola LichtPortal.

The charging kit comes with 1 x power supply, an adapter and a USB splitter.

Abiola prepares a donation certificate (donation receipt) for this amount.

Note: The donation amount does not include a PowerbankKit.