The Abiola PowerbankKit is a small and affordable set and can – used thousands of times – have a great effect in terms of education, communication and well-being. The 2600 mAh power bank in the set is charged with a USB port. These ports offer all Abiola kits from the TurboCharger, the Charger, the Family SolarKit or the LadeKit.

A power bank is valuable to everyone in countries where there is a lack of permanent stomic supply. The Abiola PowerbankKit offers more than just the possibility of charge a mobile phone.

Light from the power bank

The small USB LEDs turn the small power bank with built-in battery into a flashlight. The LEDs can be plugged into the USB jack from both sides and glow surprisingly bright and long.

They are good for reading in the evening and do not disturb anyone in the immediate vicinity.


What is the difference?

Correct: One USB LED has a bright yellow dot and the other a dark yellow dot. These points describe the light color of the USB LEDs. The bright yellow ones provide white cold light and the dark yellow ones provide a yellow warm light.

As with the Abiola lamp C5 from the SolarKit family, different light colours are used here, as they are suitable for different requirements.

The white light is better for reading or working. The warm/yellow is cheaper for atmosphere/romance.

This is also the reason why Abiola not only selects functional products, but products that we Europeans would also like better.

Each PowerbankKit contains one bag.

These bags are available in four different colours.

The supplied charging cable can also be stored there.

Charging mobile phones

Of course, ma can use the power bank to operate various USB consumptions such as a USB fan.

The most important use of a power bank in addition to lighting is the charging of mobile phones. In the test, several mobile phones could be charged with a fully charged power bank.

In addition to education and communication, Abiola also wishes the recipients of the PowerbankKits a little more well-being. Thus, power bank caps have been developed that
(a) can be used as reading lamps, pulled downwards;
b) Pulled up the power bank to the mini-lamp.

All power bank caps shown in the picture and video are still patterns. However, the first 1000 powerbank caps with different motifs are already in production from 8/2019 and will be available soon.

Video Clip – Abiola PowerbankKit

Lean back – turn on sound system – enjoy 😉


The typical use of the PowerbankKit is its use as a reading lamp in the sense of further education and safety.

As described above, a mobile phone can be charged later with the power bank in the sense of communication. Here, several people can also share their capacity.

Another way of use of the power bank with a cap is the romantic lighting. It also looks very good when several people are sitting together with their illuminated power bank. It acts like a small “campfire” that is quickly activated and can be quickly stopped. In addition, the luminous duration is many hours.

Note (deposit system):

A power bank does not have to bet be in the user’s possession. It is also possible that the user gets a complete PowerbankKit, whereby the power bank is changed. He then releases an empty power bank if necessary and gets a charged power bank for it. This can be done for a fee (charging service) or free of charge in a school.

Thus, such a deposit system is also valuable in areas where there is great poverty (e.g. ghetto or refugee camp). See also the central charging options with Abiola TurboCharger or LadekKit.


If Abiola donates SolarKits for an aid project of an AbiolaPartner (association or organization), then it is the task of the AbiolaPartner to bring the goods to the target area and to install it there at the project/family.

In the West Africa area, it may be possible to take over the goods from the Abiola warehouse in Lome, Togo. However, this must then be individually coordinated.

If an AbiolaPartner itself has no financial means to pay for the transport, then we kindly ask you to present this. Perhaps we will find another option. Sometimes it is possible to send the goods with another auxiliary container cost-effectively.


Basically, a power bank may not be carried by the built-in lithium battery in the suitcase at the check-in baggage.
In principle, however, it is possible to carry individual devices in hand luggage. However, the following should be noted:
The 2.6 Ah battery with 5 V has a capacity of 13 Wh. Some airlines only allow a maximum of 100 Wh per person, some 160 Wh. In the first airline, 6 to 7 power banks per person can be taken, while the second airline has a capacity of 160 Wh. We recommend that you agree this in writing in advance.

Ship /Container

It would be ideal to find a friendly AbiolaPartner or another aid organization that regularly sends containers to the desired country. Here you can often send your system with you for a manageable cost contribution. Otherwise, you must request a forwarding agent in order to have the goods shipped by general cargo (ship).

With regard to the lithium battery, it is important to apply the lithium sign in the prescribed size 120 cm x 110 cm on the package with the battery system. The UN number and a telephone number must also be applied here. The package must weigh less than 30 kg.

Tip: For cost reasons, man can of course only send the “lamps with the built-in battery” by ship and take the rest in the aircraft case. Here, however, the dimensions and weights of the module should be taken into account.



CHAMBER of Commerce regulation
Stickers Dangerous Goods

The donation amount for a PowerbankKit is €4.50. This donation amount is mentioned by each family in the Abiola LichtPortal.
If a donor donates the PowerbankKit to a family in the Abiola LichtPortal, Abiola and partner will ensure that this family gets the PowerbankKit. However, not immediately. It is not possible to supply families individually for organisational reasons. It would also only provoke envy to supply individuals prematurely. So we try to get as many family donations as possible first and then later supply all families from this group together. Families that have not been donated externally are taken over by Abiola or, if necessary, in part by the AbiolaPartner.

The PowerbankKit comes with 1 x Abiola Powerbank 2600 mAh, 2 USB LEDs, 1 power bank cap and one Abiola bag.

For this amount, Abiola prepares a donation certificate (donation receipt) only if the donation amount is over 150 €. For all donations under this amount, the bank statement is sufficient as proof.

Pack for 25 Families SolarKits

Total weight: approx. 18 kg

Dimensions cardboard: 61x41x37 cm (a slightly small carton is also possible)