The Abiola Charger 30W/60W is the smaller SolarKit from Abiola’s turnkey solar systems. The system is designed for lighting different rooms. This device can also be operated with 60W solar power. In this case, 2 PV modules must be connected in parallel. The powerful 12V outputs allow much more than just lighting rooms. The built-in 14 Ah battery allows power to be removed in the evening hours.

The available outputs

In addition to the 5 LED outputs (below in the picture), a USB and an 11.1 V output are available.

An Abiola USB splitter (6-fold) can be connected to this output in order to be able to offer 7 USB outputs together with the other USB port. Here you can then

– Mobile phone or power banks to be charged
– 7 USB LEDs
to be operated
– small USB consumers can be connected


The USB LEDs can also be extended with a USB extension. The extension in the picture has a length of 5m.

Abiola has once put five extensions in a row. A USB LED was added to the end. This glows neatly, albeit only with half the light intensity.

Thus, with additional LEDs and extensions you can illuminate different rooms or entire places.

There are also a variety of 12V consumers that can be plugged directly to the output. For example, a 12V TV or a large fan as seen in the picture.



The typical application of an Abiola Charger is the lighting of different rooms or a marketplace, which is used for events in the evening.

A total of 7 power banks can be charged during the day via a USB splitter. In two shifts (morning/afternoon) there can also be twice as many power banks. In this case, not only the owner of the Abiola Charger sier uses the internal battery to benefit from the solar energy, but also the up to 14 owners of the corresponding power banks.

An Abiola USB splitter can be used during the day for charging power banks and in the evening for lighting.

A 12 V TV can also be operated. Purely mathematically, a 15″ TV with 20W can be operated for about 5 hours. Abiola has tested this, but does not see it as its task to sell or donate these devices.

If Abiola donates a SolarKit for an aid project of an AbiolaPartner (association or organization), then it is the task of the AbiolaPartner to bring the goods to the target area to install it there at the project/family.

In the West Africa area, it may be possible to take over the goods from the Abiola warehouse in Lome, Togo. However, this must then be individually coordinated.

If an AbiolaPartner itself has no financial means to pay for the transport, then we kindly ask you to present this. Perhaps we will find another option.


Basically, the charger must not be carried by the built-in lithium battery in the suitcase at the check-in baggage.
In principle, however, it is possible to carry the device in hand luggage. The following must be observed:
The 14 Ah battery with 11.1 V has a capacity of 155.4 Wh. Some airlines only allow a maximum of 100 Wh per person, some 160 Wh. If the company only allows 100 Wh, then you can ask for a special permit. Until now, Abiola Chargers could be taken in the cockpit with permission from Lufthansa and KML. At KML, the cargo was even recorded on the ticket.

Ship /Container

It would be ideal to find a friendly AbiolaPartner or another aid organization that regularly sends containers to the desired country. Here you can often send your system with you for a manageable cost contribution. Otherwise, you must request a forwarding agent in order to have the goods shipped by general cargo (ship).

With regard to the lithium battery, it is important to apply the lithium sign in the prescribed size 120 cm x 110 cm on the package with the battery system. The UN number and a telephone number must also be applied here. The package must weigh less than 30 kg.

Tip: For cost reasons, man can of course only send the “system with the battery” by ship and take the rest in the aircraft case. Here, however, the dimensions and weights of the module should be taken into account.


CHAMBER of Commerce regulation
Stickers Dangerous Goods

The donation amount for a SolarKit Charger is 350 €. This donation amount is mentioned for each project (without families) in the Abiola LichtPortal.
The amount is the same as with the Abiola TurboCharger. Here’s why. In principle, the Charger costs only 250 €. However, we pack 3 complete families of SolarKits with a price of 35 € each for each Charger delivery and a USB splitter, as experience shows that these are urgently needed by the respective maintainers. Thus, employees of the aid project can be equipped with a SolarKit for personal needs.

Note: When an aid project is published, it is often not yet clear whether the AbiolaPartner chooses a TurboCharger or a Charger. Example: If he finds a cheap container transport, then he takes the TurboCharger. If he has to take the device with him on the plane, he decides to use the charger. For the donor, this does not matter in terms of the amount of donations. Both cost 350 €.

The scope of delivery of the SolarKit is 1 x Abiola Charger, 1 x 30W module, 3 x LED lamps with light switch, 1 USB splitter and 3 Abiola Family SolarKits and some free components.

Abiola prepares a donation certificate (donation receipt) for this amount.

Note: The donation amount does not include a fan or TV splitter.

Solar module 30W: Dimensions Gross: 72x37x3.5 cm (Net similar) Weight: 3.8 kg

Abiola Charger: Dimensions Gross: 45x18x25.5 cm Dimensions Net: 25x14x22 cm Weight: 3.5 kg

Net = without packaging, gross = with packaging