The Abiola TurboCharger is the flagship of Abiola’s turnkey solar systems. As already described, the system can be operated with a maximum of 120W solar power. The powerful 12V outputs allow much more than just lighting rooms. The built-in 24 Ah battery allows power to be removed in the evening hours.

The 5 LED outputs and the 2 USB ports on the front are standard. Three 12V outputs with 5521 plugs and a car socket are available on the back. A great deal can be achieved with this.

Use of 3 Abiola USB splitters (6-fold)

3 Abiola USB splitters can be connected to the three 12V outputs. Thus, 3 x 6 = 18 USB outputs are available. For example, 18 power banks can be loaded at the same time. Spread throughout the day, it can load 18 power banks at least twice a day. Total: 36 loaded power banks per day.

This can be used in schools, family communities, slams or support stations.

The use of the power banks can be found in post 16.

220V via the car port

With the small DC/AC 12V/220 adapter, a single-phase voltage of 220V is available. This means that even in the evening small consumers such as notebooks, radios, lamps or the like can be infected.

However, it should no longer be taken here, such as 80 W, in order to a) do not overburden the battery and (b) not exceed the maximum permissible current of the system.


Energy meter

The small energy meter can be plugged directly into the DC/AC 12V/220V adapter. On the other side of the AC, a normal multiple socket can be plugged in. The energy meter then shows exactly which power is currently being taken.

This ensures that the Abiola TurboCharger or its battery is not overloaded.


45 W Beamer

Abiola has found a powerful beamer that is content with a consumption of 45W. The signal can come from a computer. However, it is also possible to receive the signal from a mobile phone. It supports both iOS and Android.

In one test, Abiola sent a YouTube VideoClip (music and movie) directly from an Android smartphone to the beamer. The projector was connected to the battery of an Abiola TurboCharger and illuminated a screen of about 3m x 2m. The video clip ran for 4.5 hours.


Typical applications are medical auxiliary stations,where both the lighting and the use of small 220V consumers are required.

The TurboCharger can also be used in schools to run a kind of adult education centre in the evening. Here, light and a low power supply for notebook, projector or similar are available in the evening. These can also be used for training or TV broadcasting.

In villages without power supply, a marketplace with 10-15 lamps can also be illuminated in the evening.

In slums, a TurboCharger can be used as a power bank charging station. With 120W of solar power, more than 50 power banks can be charged daily. The power banks can be replaced for a small fee (empty for full).

If Abiola donates a SolarKit for an aid project of an AbiolaPartner (association or organization), then it is the task of the AbiolaPartner to bring the goods to the target area to install it there at the project/family.

In the West Africa area, it may be possible to take over the goods from the Abiola warehouse in Lome, Togo. However, this must then be individually coordinated.

If an AbiolaPartner itself has no financial means to pay for the transport, then we kindly ask you to present this. Perhaps we will find another option.


In principle, the TurboCharger must not be carried in the suitcase by the built-in lithium battery. It would be possible to carry the device in hand luggage, but the built-in battery is too large for transport. The 24 Ah battery with 11.1 V has a capacity of 266.4 Wh. Most airlines only allow a maximum of 100 Wh, some 160 Wh. Of course, you can apply for a special permit from the airline, but we see little chance here. Many Abiola partners have therefore opted for a small Abiola Charger. See blog post #14.

Ship /Container

It would be ideal to find a friendly AbiolaPartner or another aid organization that regularly sends containers to the desired country. Here you can often send your system with you for a manageable cost contribution. Otherwise, you must request a forwarding agent in order to have the goods shipped by general cargo (ship).

With regard to the lithium battery, it is important to apply the lithium sign in the prescribed size 120 cm x 110 cm on the package with the battery system. The UN number and a telephone number must also be applied here. The package must weigh less than 30 kg.

Tip: For cost reasons, man can of course only send the “system with the battery” by ship and take the rest on the plane. Here, however, the dimensions and weights of the module should be taken into account.


CHAMBER of Commerce regulation
Stickers Dangerous Goods

The donation amount for a SolarKit TurboCharger is 350 €. This donation amount is mentioned for each project (without families) in the Abiola LichtPortal.

The SolarKit comes with 1 x Abiola TurboCharger, 1 x 60W module, 3 x LED lamps with light switch, 1 x USB splitter, 1 x DC/AC 12V/220V converter and some free components.

Abiola prepares a donation certificate (donation receipt) for this amount.

Note: There is no beamer in the donation amount.

Solar module 60W: Dimensions Gross: 68.5×66.5×4 cm (net similar): Weight: 5 kg

Abiola TurboCharger: Meat Gross: 50x20x29 cm Dimensions Net:43x16x26 Weight: 5 kg

Net = without packaging, gross = with packaging